With over a full decade and then some passing since the year 2000, it’s all but inevitable that people have started reminiscing about the various fashion experiences that have come and gone in the past 10 years or so. In the world of fashion, the favourite topic is the best and the worst fashion trends. The latter though appears to be the preferred subject as it highlights errors in fashion design that could have been avoided under a more enlightened setting.

denim pants pass the tet of time

Denim Shorts: Always a Winner

With that, a good way to start looking back at the worst fashion trends of the noughties is through the ubiquitous denim pants. These have been around for decades, and yet, they have never been out of fashion. Their built-in durability and adaptability in style have allowed denims to pass the test of time.

Sometime in the year 2000, however, someone thought of placing a word or some short messages on these well-loved pants. These were mostly embroidered on the back side alongside a few dazzling designs. The chosen word or words is usually an adjective supposedly aimed at describing the wearer of the jeans.

The classic example of this is the word ‘CUTE’ boldly emblazoned on the pants. This has initially caught the attention of the public, but in the end, this fashion trend turned out to be a passing fad. These days, hardly anyone would think of wearing so-called ‘CUTE’ denim pants.

Still on the subject of jeans, the skinny type is also considered by fashion experts as among the worst fashion trends of the decade that has just passed. These are the tightly-fitting denims that usually have crotch-hugging designs. They were actually introduced first during the 80s and were resurrected in the year 2000.

terrible tramps stamp

Nope. Just nope.

This time around, these disturbing jeans were mostly made available in black. A number of prominent international fashion models were known to endorse them which should explain their resurgent popularity. Unfortunately, not all human bodies are well-proportioned and those who ended up with a pair of skinny jeans in their closet have had to rethink their decision.

Moving to body designs, tattoos have come to be highly popular. This has allowed many tattoo designers to emerge from their underground beginnings and eventually join mainstream fashion. As a result, people got caught up with the idea of having tattoos on different parts of the body. This gave way to the development of the so-called tramp stamp tattoo design.


Crocs Rock! Said noone ever.

The tramp stamp is usually a tattoo drawn on the lower back portion of the body. The design often centres on the owner being dumb, a slut, or some other description that carries derogative meaning. This has found an audience in many people belonging to rowdy gangs but is regarded as among the worst fashion trends of the noughties given its limited reach.

When it comes to footwear, Crocs have acquired immense popularity just like tramp stamps. However, fashion experts have found it hard to describe them because while they could pass off as slippers, crocs can be categorized as a pair of shoes as well.


Ya’ll motherf#*kers need Jesus.

Crocs have become ubiquitous footwear in many parts of the world. Nevertheless, they’re not exactly comfortable even as the standard crocs design have those small holes on top which supposedly allows the footwear to breathe.

Finally, one other fashion trend that has emerged in the year 2000 are those little girl dresses that create a whore-like image. The tube tops and streetwalker shorts are good examples of these, and while they may look cute initially, experts believe that these dresses prematurely expose innocent little girls to the harsh realities of life. The message these dresses send is disturbing to say the least, and this has caused them to land in the list of the worst fashion trends in the year 2000.