Cruella de Vil might not agree with this idea, but the fashion scene has now shifted the focus from real animal fur to Faux Fur!

Hat from fake fur

Fashionable and animal friendly!

This movement is a great way to support anti-animal cruelty actions and promote the value of cruelty-free fashion. Sadly, there are very few laws that explicitly go against fur farms. There are some regulations that support anti-cruelty statutes but none of them expressly ban fur farms. Countries with the strictest regulations regarding fur farms are New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland while those with virtually no regulations are Asian countries, like China and Korea.

Given this current state of affairs, several fashion leaders have taken a stand on animal cruelty and have launched the new trend of Faux Fur.

When someone says “Faux Fur”, coats initially come to mind, however the world of Faux Fur doesn’t stop at coats alone. It also includes bags, hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, boots, jewellery, and belts.

One of the newest brands in Faux Fur outwear fashion is Shrimps. Shrimps is a British brand founded by Hannah Weiland in 2013.Their brand continues to show in the London Fashion Week and has stocks being sold in Net-a-Porter, Matches, Colette, Selfridges, and Joyce.

Fake fur coat

Faux fur coat is stunning.

Business seems to be booming for all Faux Fur brands and clothing line since consumers have now realized the numerous benefits that come with purchasing Faux Fur products.

Opting to go vegan in fashion choices helps save more than fifty million animals that are usually killed for their fur on a yearly basis. Another reason why people opt for Faux fur is that it is significantly cheaper than the real deal.

Their affordability is mainly due to the materials used in making them. Fake furs are known as pie fabrics made of a variety of materials such as bulk fibers made of polymers. Fake furs can also be colored which makes for interesting color combinations and patterns. Fake Fur are also very comfortable since they are made of materials such as silk, wool, mohair, and cotton.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that Faux Fur is the coming winter’s next big thing!