Jumpsuits: Celebrity Trend

Fashion trends come and go but jumpsuit are one of those outfits which seems to come back around more often than not. The Fact you can wear it in both the summer and winter season is probably why we feel we see it all the time and all over the world. For those women who may not want to attempt something out of the box but are bored of wearing pants or jeans daily, the jumpsuit may be just the item you’re looking for!

casual jumpsuitSome of the more popular styles of jumpsuits available in the big name stores this season are the travellers jumpsuit, the office jumpsuit for that oh so professional look, the formal jumpsuit suitable for the black tie events in your calender, and the boho jumpsuit featuring patterned cottons and bell bottomed legs.

Jumpsuits are one of the trendiest clothing items any woman can have in her repertoire. Nowadays, you can easily get differently shaped and designed styles of jumpsuits as the bigger brands cater for those beyond the model figure. Before you make a decision to buy a jumpsuit, you need to figure out your body shape. Cosmo Does a great job outlining How to wear a jumpsuit that matches your body type in their post.

The Traveller’s jumpsuit are jumpsuits which are perfect for travelling because of their comfort level. These types of jumpsuits are comfortable and look attractive, not to mention that they’re unbelievably trendy at the moment.

brown jumpsuitOffice jumpsuits are some of the best jumpsuits, which are perfect for daily office wear. These types of jumpsuits will give you that perfect office look. Office jumpsuits not only provide a sophisticated professional look, but will also provide you with a trendy outfit that you can easily wear out to dinner or drinks after work without looking out of place. You can wear office jumpsuits with flats, which will complete your look quite well and keep you comfy.

red formal jumpsuitSpecial occasion jumpsuits cover those styles that are great options for a formal occasion. When almost everyone wears a gown or cocktail dress, you will uniquely stand out in your jumpsuit. By wearing a red coloured one shoulder you can make a completely different fashion statement. A jumpsuit can offer you a gorgeous look and you will appear as the star of the occasion if you pair this number with ankle strap sandals.

If you are confused about what to wear in the upcoming music festival, you should really think of purchasing a bohemian style jumpsuit. Boho Jumpsuits with paisley print are a great option for the feel of a festival.To complete the look, pair your jumpsuit with metallic chunky heeled booties and some body jewellery. Boho Jumpsuits are also a preferred option to dresses at festivals for obvious reasons. For more boho inspo check out our previous post!

Casual jumpsuits look like denim but are actually made of lightweight woven fabric, which will make you feel super comfortable. Flick through any magazine nowadays and you’ll see a large number of celebrities wearing this type of jumpsuit, which gives them a classic look along with the added benefit of a bit of extra comfort.